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Beboka - baby bodysuits, print, design

Do we want our babies to be beautiful, fashionable and dressed modern?


Yes, this is exactly what BEBOKA offers - baby bodysuits with signs and digital prints for babies up to 12 months. We recommend you to be funny and larky.



We usually use Bulgarian production by 100% cotton.



You will also find various sets of T-shirts and baby bodysuits with digital print for the whole family.


Footsteps - image
Първите стъпки на нашето мъниче са налице. Щастливи са всички - родители, баби, дядовци, роднини и приятели. Всичко хубаво те първа предстои - бягане, тичане, падане, ставане, пипане и опознаване на света. Всъщност за мама и тати

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